Friday, August 12, 2011

Waltz Dance Malaysia Book of Records

Waltz with Love 2011
Malaysia Book of Records
376 Undergraduates dance their way into Malaysia Book of Records.

Helper for Waltz with Love 2011. an instructor for the Waltz dance.
Thanks to the twins, CS (Charmaine and Saki) ... for giving this opportunity to learn from you all.
I can read that this event gave us a lot of pressure...but at least, we successful make it!
That's true!
Is wasn't easy to become as a dance instructor...

The way teaching, can make your throat hurt...
but is kinda funny...
sound like
" 5 6 7 8, 1st Partner (123, 223, 323, 423) turn(123, 223, 323, 423)turn(123, 223, 323, 423) turn(123, 223, 323, 423) 2nd Partner (123, 223, 323, 423 and 123, 223, 323), okay! Latin Dating! (123, 223, 323, 423) shake your ass(123, 223, 323, 423), Latin! (123, 223, 323, 423) Waltz! (123, 223, 323, 423)(123, 223, 323, 423)(123, 223, 323, 423) Wrong!!!!Wrong!!Wrong!...Start all over again..."

haha...its quite blur and hard to understood...but for who had this experience they will know what I'm talking about...

well...finally we successful and We are now in The Malaysia Book of Records!
sounds Cool!, right?

By the way, I'm glad that work together with the Waltz gang's...and happy teaching the participant's...
Congraz to all the Committees, Instructors, Helpers, Participants that we successfully move in into Malaysia Book of Records!

Link related Waltz With Love 2011
Facebook Page :

The Star Metro :

J-on UTAR :

The person I most respect Wincent Ch'ng who was the organizer of this event!

Waltz with Love 2011
Let's the HISTORY begin...
The Committees, Instructors and Participant performing their Waltz
in sync to David Cook's - The Time of My Life
Partner and also my girl
Aren't look cool?

The Instructor's.
We're the BEST!

The Records Holder, Wincent Ch'Ng
The prize
2 Samsung handphone
from YES
Thanks to =)
The Rewards
Waltz with Love 2011
Mr.Elegance and Miss Elegance

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