Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius Women
Switch to the occasion in the late autumn early winter born Sagittarius, personality change, such as the climate between the evil that, irritable instability, strike unruly female character, slightly Hero spirit, and fickle but their appearance is an absolute lady. This is because of their special qualities and good dress. They do not hide themselves, rich in content anything can be eloquent.

Women are very freedom-loving Sagittarius and a strong curiosity. They always wanted to be a tramp and go around looking for something new. Sagittarius woman spenders is a common problem, they love go shopping and will bring back home with large bags.

The striker looks very quiet is very cheerful. Love to sing and love to dance and love to crying and also love to laugh. Easily upset and easily get happiness. Pay a great attention to appearance, more concerned with their own wisdom. Careful in any single of words. Optimistic, where shooters must have laughter. Honest, easy going, easy to be self-confidence.

Sagittarius women can easily get hurt but easily to forgive other and their self, tend to the attitude of love is not heavy. Striker born rebellious, fear of being bound, do not want to change for others, fear of compromise.Gentle is hidden inside.

Sagittarius is Windfall, a rich life. Fear to fraud, hate hypocrisy. Emphasis on friendship. Sagittarius women have a lot of the opposite sex.

Sagittarius woman is a typical cold outside and heat inside, s/he have a cold heart, depression heart, sensitive. Love to being protected.

Many women break up with the him, but they will regret it later. Once the the boy say goodbye to you girl, nice head of cattle is not dragged back. She will tell you goodbye does not mean a change of heart in love or with someone else. Sagittarius women  a bit stubborn, once in love, they will seriously than anyone else, perhaps for life. If boy do not know how to cherish Sagittarius girl, then don't let her fall in love with you.

Sagittarius women is very emotional, easily moved and easily drop their tears. You can try take her to watch touching movies or TV series, you must be prepared for her a few packs of tissue. Sagittarius women is good, mercy and obvious.

Reminder for Sagittarius women : beware of bad people around you.

Sagittarius women could not stand with "hypocrisy" and "hypocrites". She is not a good actress, if she does not like you, surely she will make and let you see. Sagittarius women like to refused and hypocrites.
Please do not use your sophisticated eye to blame Sagittarius women.

In fact, Sagittarius women really need you to love her seriously because she was always a great chance of injury. Her frank innocence making her easily to believe people. Her outspoken very easily to offend people.

Sagittarius women very warm, true love will make their full confidence because rest assured, it completely lost on the other side his passion finally led to break up. They do not know how to fight for loved one.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Everything just happen fast and without notice.

Main problem is I still can't let go of you.

However, Life Still Goes On.
I need to step forward.