Monday, December 6, 2010

Penang Marathon 2010

Yea!...I'm back!...
Lets talk the Penang Marathon...
I know It pass 2-3 week...aiz...don't care...I just want write only...
I guess everyone know about Penang Marathon, right?
for who's don't everything about P.Marathon, please come to me 'coz I gonna press you down and keep slap slap you...haha....Just a joke...

Guess whose the Main sponsored for this 2010??
Yellow Man, I will follow you...
Yea...He did follow you every where!...even Penang Bridge Marathon!
A bit scary...zzz...
PBIM not only attract the attention of serious runner but amateur or even families who simply want to spend a fun and meaningful time participating in this enjoyable event.

This year, Exabytes has again partnered with the PSTD, Cultural, Art and Heritage to make this event a jubilant one!!!

Lets introduce our banner backdrop and volunteers Exabytes .

Our Exabytes CEO - Mr Chan Kee Siak

Photographer of the day - Arren aka Photographer.

Mrs Ooi aka Po Po Yan [sorry I grab ur photo from FB]

Chuckie Cotton [sorry I grab ur photo from FB]
He handsome!

2 guys aka Ivan and Jimmy

2 guys with a girl [sorry, forget their name]

A guy aka Jackie

Myself aka FidoLew

Kuang Liang!

Exabytes Fan for Marathon Runners [free]

Free biscuit to give away to Marathon Runners
6000 packets of biscuit of different flavors
[Lemon + Mango + Rich Tea Oat + KIAM PIA]

Photoshoot for HTC contest participant

Everyone at the event stand a chance to win a HTC Wildfire by just snapping a picture at Exabytes backdrop banner. The owner of the picture which get the more"like" will win a HTC Wildfire.
The participant who get more than 500 "like" : RM50 Haegan Daaz Voucher

Current top votes : FidoLew - 1221

ıм мissyaйda - 649

Jymmi Tan - 251

Help me if you still never votes for FidoLew Link
Let start!!!

From 11 onwards,as the atmosphere getting hotter when more runners came in...and it made until our body sweat...yuerrrrkkk....

Is alright...let start working!yea!
Jangan cakap banyak-banyak la!
We had prepared 1500 units of hand fans to give away to runners. With the plastic hand fan, participants can use it to cool themself especially hot morning...
From 4am-6am>>> Raining Heavy!!

Free Give Time!! Biscuit with the hand fan!
[from 4am onwards]*If i'm not mistaken*
Yea, you so greedy...[joke]

We love this guy 'coz help us promote Exa
Cucuk fan at behind[nice skill]

Hujan pun kena kerja!

OMG!...Biscuit Finish!...

The event end 11am
Group picture before balik!
*Take a picture, it will last LONGER*

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  1. Salute to all that Marathon finisher.

    More pictures for PBIM HTC contest by Exbaytes :)