Monday, December 27, 2010

How was your life without alcohol?

Anything need to try and taste so that you can know what's going happen in this Earth.
As a human, we need to step and improve yourself.
not just stay inside your room facing the wall and emo-ing...
for what we need to emo?
Wasting time...and nooooo point...
The world is waiting for us to explore, why don't you go for it?...
*Don't misunderstand, I'm not said drink beer can improve yourself*

Explore it before you too late...

I'm know what I'm doing.
Is You choose your Destiny not The Destiny choose you.

"I don't want to waste my time waiting for people who're not willing walk with me"
Quote from JENJEN.

"If the thing is yours, then it will come back 1 day. If not yours, then how you argue for it, It still not yours"

Be patient with everything, even in your relationship.

The girl/boy who are not care your status or wealthy, is the person you look for it.
because they understanding each other and need to fight together to get it.

I love the girl who can independent, patient...
Someone know it...

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