Monday, November 15, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter

WHY DIGI BlackBerry Torch 9800 HOTTER or SMARTER???><
DIGI = Girl( thats why DIGI are always Hotter )
Blackberry Torch 9800 = Boy (thats why Blackberry are always Smarter )
as a boy I will choose DIGI because DG is as hot as a DIGI!
DIGI with Nuffnang offered a contest Two BlackBerry Torch smartphones for its royal Angels!
Greats news for the Loyal Angels!


DIGI always offer a different kind of plans for everyone...such as DIGI Campus!,DIGI Easy!
DIGI Smartphone! DIGI Iphone! DIGI BlackBerry! ...
and A lot of contest!
so DIGI is Hotter! SEXY Plan! SEXY Contest!

DIGI offered DIGI Blackberry Torch 9800!
What so cool about Blackberry Torch 9800???
With 5MP camera, we can capture a lot of pictures we want!...chik cak!chik cak!
It can manage multiple open website with tabbed browsing! FASTER AND RICHER BLOWSING!! I can surf for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube everyday when I'm boring! yeahhh!
5.8 hours of talk time and 30 hours of music playback! I can talk 5 hours with my Girlfriend and listen for 30 hours music playback!!!! This so cool!!!
There have a lot of advantages!
so BlackBerry Is always the Smarter choice!

This COOL, right???...
Wish to have a set of BlackBerry Torch 9800 but couldn't afford????!!
With DG Smart Plan, you can reward yourself a BRAND NEW Torch for only RM1499!!!
What!!RM1499 only???!!
YES! Normal price is RM2299!! save RM800!
Plan for the smartphone :

Surf SMART - Monthly Internet Unlimited plan for only RM68! (wuuahh!I can surf FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE in lecture hall everyday!)
Call SMART - No minimum call usage (Call my girlfriend every night!,yea!)
Save SMART - 100% rebate on the Internet Unlimited plan with terms & conditions apply
Roam SMART - Unlimited data roaming for only RM36 a day!
So what are you waiting for??
That's the reason DIGI BlackBerry Torch 9800 HOTTER and SMARTER!
DIGI + Smartphone = HOTTER and SMARTER!
DIGI not Always the smarter choice but also is The Coolest Choice!
DIGI is my Choice!

Check it out at DIGI SMARTPHONES
Check it out at BlackBerry Torch 9800

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