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Lets talk about Gemini ...

21 May - 21 June
(That was me)

Gemini is aloof because they self-confidence, Gemini is changeable because the world is changing and there is no patience Gemini because they found is not worth, because they are afraid of the Twin indifference hurt, Twin bother because they did not find true love, do not care is because the Twin you not see them sensitive.

Laugh >>> Gemini smile always the most simple, no matter what time you will see the Twin have been laughing because they had only wanted to give others their own happiness, but only the grief for yourself, and you will not see the Twins tears because he had never been cry . Gemini need rely on a worthwhile, he will care about your every moment of all, they are very sensitive and will follow your happiness, follow your grief, sorrow, followed by your change.

Love >>> mention of Twin love and most people will say : Gemini are the most bother. But really the case? Gemini and a good relationship with the opposite sex simply because they unusual affinity. Gemini's really the only one, when he found , he would give his all to each other to be happy. He wanted each other's happiness, and would feel very easy going with the twin, because he will accommodate you all, all your strengths and weaknesses.

Strong >>> Some people say that Gemini is very strong. Yeah! The surface of the Twins were really strong but inside their are vulnerable than anyone else perhaps this is also the directions : constellation a feature of people, and never let others see his softer side, as they are a pair of wings, others can not seen, they are born to bring joy to people. Gemini tears are transparent, others invisible, but to see clearly that his transparent double tear yourself off the pain.

Interpersonal >>> Gemini popularity is good because they know what do you need help. Gemini will be based on different people have different way of communication. Gemini is easy trust others, so often been deceived. Gemini never know what regret, as they always are for others to always put ourselves in but so people do not know because he helped other people too much. They are always alone when they need help. Continued with a smile, a smile to find a corner, leaving the sinking transparent tears.

Friends >>> When Twin's friends encounter any difficulties, he will be more anxious than you, or even lose their precious things to help you. He will bring joy to help you share your sorrow. When the Twins see you unhappy, no matter how depressed he had, he would immediately reveal the true smile to help you.

Persistent >>> that mercurial Gemini, it is just one-sided, for the Twins really like, it is feared be persistent because the heart too much like a child, so far they really like, they do not know what to give up unless they found that thing is not worth to them otherwise they will never give up, as long as they are sure they will have a lot of people out of adhere to and perseverance.

Self-esteem >>> Gemini's self-esteem is very important to them. They know how to forgive. Even if others let themselves full of holes, they will unconditional and have their own tolerance, have their own principles and forgive because their self-esteem. Their self-esteem make them believe the world is always the best because their self-esteem is not allowed to give up the world.

Sharing >>> They will not put something to share with others because they believe that this stuff is not as fair. He cares about every person feeling, as long as he thinks this thing is that they can break away, he will definitely unconditional withdrawal the sake of others. For their loved cheated, he would choose to forgive but certainty not will be with them, because he understands this is not worth it.

Geminis are really cute, really need people to protect and comfort, they will not renounce the world but it will give up on himself the sake of the others. They know how to forgive and understand no matter how much he hated someone. In next weak side to see the man, he will go to help him unconditionally, silly, right? But the silly cute, good people feel bad, painful later, they still laugh about the way the unknown future, continue to forgive, to understand, to happiness, to the silly with. Gemini is really difficult to change, right? Because their hearts are made of diamond, but not that they ruthless, dedicated just for their own, so the arrogant one, only themselves because they do not know how to express their hearts, so they choose silence.

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