Sunday, August 15, 2010

Will SEO exist in 5 years?

SEO...SEO...What is SEO?
SEO means Seacrh Engine Optimisation. It's a term bandied about in Internet forums, help books and marketing seminars, but for the uninitiated it seems foreign and confusing.Basic SEO is search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, create the list of sites that are shown when we types a word or phrase into the search bar.

So, now I think you know the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), right?

Lets talk about "Will SEO exist in 5 years???"
I had collected some information to answer this Question,
Kevin from Marseilles in France, said that SEO will exist in 5 years. Google tries to make it so that we don't need to be an SEO expert but...SEO in some sense is almost like a resume, right?
In the same way, we polish out resume, we will figure out how to put our best foot forward. SEO tries to figure out how to put the foot forward for you website. So, SEO is not spam!

Canonicalization is something that the we have been talking about a lot recently. Canonicalization can help make sure that our URLs get the back links they deserve, that you don't have a lot of duplicate content. Hence, there's plenty of great things you can do as a developer or as and SEO to make sure your site is well represented and makes the right impression, it's really useful for visitors.
He think that as a practice will definitely still exist in 5 years. The hope is that the black hat or sometimes the illegal stuff, crap hat, it's that's really kind of annoying if you're a site owner. The stuff that pollutes or clog's up the web, that will not be as productive.
Kevin hope that more and more people could keep switching to white hat, and the people can learn about SEO but don't necessarily have to become an expert...
As you can use self service tools such as webmaster console or other search engine's consoles.
So, SEO doesn't have to mean spam, SEO doesn't have to mean black hat.
SEO can help us to put our best face on our website just like we polish our resume.
From the research here, I think SEO will still around in 5 years...
How about you all?

Thanks for Kevin, Matt Cutts from Google Software Engineer and Exabytes Network Company provide the information.

For more information about SEO, you can browse Google Search.

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