Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Did you all realize that sleep is the most important in our daily life? The human body cannot function or manage without sleep. Scientists claim that sleep may help us recover from a day’s work. Some see it as a “mental downtime” which gives the brain time to process the day’s information and experience.

From the research, man spends one third of his life sleeping. As we get older, the biological clock, that is, the internal clock within our bodies that controls the sleep-wake cycle, begins to wind down. However, as modern man continually seems to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or illness, it is common to come across insomnia sufferers, that is, people who suffer from the inability to sleep.

Researchers said that are three main types of insomnia. Initial insomnia refers to patients who experience difficulties falling asleep, while sleep maintenance insomnia are patients who wake up frequently during the night. Terminal insomnia refers to those who often wake up very early in the morning and find difficulty sleeping again.

Have you all suffers form this insomnia at one time or another?

Don’t worry, here the ways to overcome insomnia. The first thing is to get to the root cause of the problem and find ways to deal with it. Another meaning is telling that find and solution of your problems and try to solve it.

Tips from Doctors to overcome the insomnia:

1) Establish a regular sleep pattern. – going to bed at the same time each night and setting alarm for the sane time each morning.

2) Proper meal times – type of food eaten, avoidance of alcohol, and mode of relaxation.

Mode of relaxation – example, Yoga, listens to music.

Please! Avoid Sleeping Pills!

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