Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everything is changing...

Everything changing...
My life.
and someone...

My lifestyle...
This cannot eat that cannot eat.
Grrr...Need to wait until when?
My bronchitis came back...
Having hard breathing...but is not that worst than last time...
Should i go back for consult doctor?
I think,is not the best time yet...
wait until next next week...

Just now having phone called with my mom...
she ask about my health...
Mom: Harlo...How you stay there?
Me: i'm ok mom, nothing gonna stop me.
Mom: Really? How your cough? feel better more better?
Me: Yea,Its alright.
Mom: The medicine doctor gave u,got eat?
Me:! i will back this Father Day..
Mom:ok...take care,bye..
Me: Tata

Recently i not in good mood...
down for few days...
If can, i wish someone can care about me.
I don't care you everyday ask about me,
I hope is just have one who care me.

When we reach the level of age,
we should know how to be independent.
Do it by yourself.
Walk by yourself.
Describe by yourself.
Everything by yourself.
If can, don't depends to people.

Social independent...
Social Independent means not relying on the opinions of others.
Do you act a certain way just because you are afraid of what your social group is going to say about it.
Of course it’s hard to be unique and independent when you always have to make sure what you do is popular or fashionable.

How you be,what you done to me
I still will be with you and loving you.
Will not give up on you.
I love you.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today

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