Monday, June 14, 2010


Celebration of Father Day already done...
i still feeling unhappy?

too much pressure i carried...
feel stress...feel hard!
cant stop thinking of all that...
already din sleep well for few days...
Now,no one can know i caring a lot of pressure.
Only the song accompanied all my days...
Keep repeating same song...
go class but cant concentrate...

i so curious why i having this thing?

can someone explain?

i'm start feeling tired in everything...
The day more come, the day i caring stress more higher.
Feel walked alone all the time...

giving up everything is not the best choice...
so i need to walk through it...
can i make it?

i need someone to :
cheer me.
encourage me.
Don't give me more stress.
stop me from caring the problems.
let me share everything infront of you.

Can you make it for me?

Message received from my bro...
"Mom will operation tomorrow.Make a phone call to her."
Shocked when saw the message.
Just heard she going to medical check up.
but medical check up need operation?
are she hiding something?
let me back Kampar without worry?
now im more worry,u know?!
i cant even go visit u.why u wan hide to me?

Mom!Get well faster!I bought a cookbook for you..
around 300 delicious food waiting for you to cook.
Pray Hard for you...

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