Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother Day

Is Mother day!
B3fore the day,we Celebrated at Auto City Mahanttan Fish Market...
5 mothers here!I got so many mom? Haha...
Impossible la!
My side |Mom and Sister|
p/s: waiting my brother marriage!
Sis Husband side |His Elder Broth Family,His Mom,and his Grandmother|


Me and my sis

Me with 2 mothers

Family Picture|Fail|(mom close eyes)

Family Picture|Fail|(Dad looking at SimYee)

Upload some of this picture 1st, another still at my Broth phone...waiting him back this weekend...
so wait o!
On the day!
|Ops!No Picture for the day|sorry
Only 3 mothers |my mom,sis, and brother in law mom|
Celebrated at Thai Restaurant located at my hometown.
Its spicy!and tasty!it was a real Thai Food!
Miss it so much!especially the Fish!Yummy!Yummy!
Will go for another days!

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